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No Position Location Function
01 Marketing Assistant Indonesia Support Services
02 Legal Admin - Bali Indonesia Support Services
03 Mining Consultant Indonesia Consultant
04 Recruitment Officer - Yogyakarta Indonesia Support Services
05 Sales Manager MMS - Jakarta Indonesia Management
06 Market Research Officer Indonesia Support Services
07 Java Developer - Jakarta (Junior - Senior) Indonesia Java Developer
08 Admin for Sales Indonesia Support Services
09 MS CRM Dynamics Developers (Mid-Level) Indonesia MS CRM Dynamics
10 Java Technology Evangelist Indonesia Management

Our Recruitment Process

Mitrais only recruits online and maintains its online job advertisements through this Career Site and through job portals like, and Mitrais is not responsible for advertisements and recruitments by sources other than as stated herein.

Mitrais Recruitment Process:

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Talent Pooling

Mitrais is always looking for talented staff, so we collect a pool of talented candidates who have previously applied for Mitrais positions. When we find qualified candidates who have undergone tests and interviews but are subsequently not hired for the position, we then place them in our Talent Pool.

You may see vacancies with a [Talent Pooling] tag, so if you wish to be considered for a similar future role, why not apply for these positions? You will then be one of the first we call when another vacancy arises. At any time a vacancy becomes available, the qualified candidates in our talent pool will be reviewed first. This will reduce the timeframe and efforts needed by both parties, because a portion of the selection process was completed in the Talent Pooling process.

The Talent Pooling Process:

Flow Mitrais Talent Process

The hiring process:

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