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01 DevOps Engineer - Jakarta Indonesia Software Engineers
02 QA Tester - Jakarta Indonesia Software Engineers
03 NodeJS / Java Spring developer - Jakarta Indonesia Software Engineers
04 .NET / VueJS developer position - Jakarta Indonesia Software Engineers
05 QA Engineer - Jakarta Indonesia Software Engineers
06 Admin Office - Bali Indonesia Support Services
07 Admin for Sales - Jakarta Indonesia Support Services
08 [Talent Pool] IT Support – Cloud Monitoring- Bali Indonesia Support Services
09 [Talent Pool] iOS Developer Indonesia Software Engineers
10 Experienced Java Developer Indonesia Software Engineers

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Mitrais Recruitment Process:

Flow Mitrais Recruitment Process

Mitrais does not only conduct Equal Opportunity Employment but also strives to provide pleasant recruitment experience. Mitrais’ Recruiter will be more than happy to guide Candidates through each stage of the process and to answer any inquires that might arise during the process.